Photo : C. GARDIEN

If you believe that the stars can still guide you, that the boundless space beneath the blue sky is your palace, that the beat of your pulse is the only reply to an absolute silence, that the heat of t he sun's anvil and the cold of the freezing winds are only the sign of the passing seasons - then, perhaps, you might become like us, one of those wanderers of the desert and the mountains of the wide world.

This site is not at all a commercial one, it is a simple expression of those who still ride their horses across the immensity, who travel for days on their camels or who find pleasure in climbing those rocky fortresses of the desert, to embrace finally with their gaze a tiny part of what is so very great.

The Desert Guides welcome you.
Bedouin or Western, they are guides and explorers, They are active especially in Jordan and in Oman, in the north and in the south of the great Arabian desert